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EVE Online Shortcuts Revamped
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EVE Online Shortcuts Revamped
CCP has announced several new changes to the shortcut system are planned for EVE Online. Changes will be coming in the new expansion, Incursion, due out next month. The devs have seen a need for players to be able to make split-decisions without going through a right-click menu.

Players can now bind shortcuts to almost any key on the keyboard, except for a few reserved keys like ENTER and ESC. Players can also bind shortcuts to their mouse keys, for players with more than the standard two-key mouse.

Combat shortcuts have also been introduced using the CTRL+Click example. CCP Optimal states, "Long story short, you can now do most in-space essentials like warp, approach, orbit, keep at range, etc. by holding down the designated shortcut key and clicking the target. Those shortcut keys are of course configurable, but the defaults are conveniently bound to buttons on the left side of the keyboard."

These changes are now live on the test server.
08-10-2012 11:41 AM
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