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Other games like Portal?
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Other games like Portal?
I am not much of a gamer admittedly. Where the rest of

you here can probably mow right through the denizens of

the dark with slicing machine guns in shoot em ups and

such, I'm that dorky old guy that is clueless when it

comes to games.

However, a couple days ago I got an EVGA GTS450 video

card and tried Portal on it, and perhaps because my

brain is functioning better these days for various

reasons, I actually played the game for a while before

losing interest and quitting. I have a long way to go

in the game, but it is the first time since trying WoW

that I actually played a game for more than 2 minutes.

Too challenging a game frustrates me, I don't have the

best reflexes, and I am 53, so my brain is, well, uh-


But the eye candy and good feeling of actually figuring

out stuff and thinking that "gee, maybe I'm NOT as dumb

as I thought" and the warm fuzzy of getting through as

much of the game as I did (mind you, not too far) makes

me rethink if I should maybe try playing more games.

I currently don't have a budget to buy games, but I was

wondering, what games are there that are ingenious like

Portal (I know, I am asking for a generalization, but I

don't know games, so work with me please)?

BTW, my system is very humble, it's a low end ASRock

board with DDR2 and a Deneb 955 overclocked, it will be

a while before I can build something better than this

beater I have, truth is, I got the card as a refurb and

it's cost bit into my shallow wallet like a land shark

as it is.

I like innovative concepts, when Spore was being hyped,

I thought "awesome, this will be an amazing game" but

then even I could see it wasn't all that great in


I'm gonna spend some more time on Portal tomorrow, but

I was wondering, what else would you recommend,

considering my hardware

Thanks guys, and please don't belly laugh at me, lamers

are people too!
09-10-2012 11:06 AM
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